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Mathematica 3.0 Ushers in a New Era of Technical Empowerment

Published September 3, 1996

Introduction of Version 3.0 from Wolfram Research Culminates Five Years of Intense R & D

With the announcement of the immediate availability of the eagerly awaited Mathematica 3.0, Wolfram Research, Inc. culminates the most comprehensive and significant project ever undertaken in technical computing. In introducing the new version, Wolfram offers realization of the visionary concept it launched in 1988 to create a single system that could handle all the various aspects of technical computing in a coherent and unified way.

Mathematica 3.0 offers myriad unique features that are certain to reinforce its role as the industry standard and make it the paradigm for empowered technical computing applications ranging from simple calculations, complex programming, advanced computations, data analysis, and graphic modeling to sharing and publishing documents on the web and elsewhere.

New features include:

  • Fully programmable, interactive, web-publishable documents
  • Over 250 new built-in functions
  • A new generation of algebraic computation and simplification
  • Top-quality, editable typeset mathematical expressions
  • Customizable palette interface
  • High-speed compilation
  • Automatic arbitrary-precision control of numbers
  • Exporting of graphics
  • Symbolic and numerical PDEs
  • Optimized external program links
  • Multiformat, publication-quality documents
  • Integrated hyperlinked documentation
  • Portability of programs and uniform operating characteristics across different systems
  • Standard add-ons for interacting with external programs and increasing functionality