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Analog Insydes for Mathematica Debuts

Published September 30, 1998

Analog Insydes: The Intelligent Symbolic Design System for Analog Circuits

September 30, 1998–Wolfram Research, Inc. announces Analog Insydes, a new third-party package for modeling, analysis, and design of analog electronic circuits.

With Analog Insydes you can do the following.

  • Describe linear and nonlinear circuits and control systems by means of hierarchical netlists
  • Describe semiconductor devices by equivalent subcircuits or behavioral models
  • Set up circuit equations from netlists in the frequency and time domains
  • Compute transfer functions symbolically
  • Extract approximated symbolic design formulas
  • Simulate transient responses of nonlinear dynamic circuits
  • Visualize your analysis results with custom graphics functions
  • Read in schematics, netlists, and simulation data from SPICE/PSpice/HSPICE
  • Document your work with text, formulas, and circuit schematics all in one integrated environment

Analog Insydes is available on Windows and Solaris platforms and requires Mathematica 3.0 or later. More information on this package is available.