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Dynamic Visualizer Brings Interactive 3D Manipulations to Mathematica

Published June 24, 1998

Wolfram Research, Inc. announces the release of Dynamic Visualizer, the newest member of the Mathematica Applications Library. Dynamic Visualizer gives Mathematica users a new and easy way to interactively manipulate, render, and animate 3D graphics objects. With standard Mathematica commands, objects of arbitrary size and complexity can be rendered in real time. Researchers can use Dynamic Visualizer to visualize models and simulations in real time, while educators can use it to create interactive tutorials and clear, effective demonstrations. Dynamic Visualizer requires Mathematica 3 or higher and is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms.

With Dynamic Visualizer, users can interactively direct and alter each object’s location, orientation, and speed of rotation either with the mouse or by keyboard commands. Each object’s location can be set absolutely or relative to the current position of another object.

Object surface properties under the user’s control include diffuse reflectivity, specular reflectivity, transparency, and ambient lighting. Dynamic Visualizer offers different ways to render each object in real time, including point clouds, wire frames, and filled polygons with hidden surface removal. Polygons can be assigned flat color, rendered with smooth Gouraud shading, or covered with a texture map.

Simulations and animations created with Dynamic Visualizer can be exported as movies in AVI format on Windows platforms and in QuickTime format on the Macintosh. Dynamic Visualizer can be controlled either with its own mouse and menu interface–without the need for command lines–or from within Mathematica. Information about the location and orientation of Dynamic Visualizer objects can even be read back into Mathematica for use in further calculations.

Dynamic Visualizer joins the growing Mathematica Applications Library–a series of Mathematica-based applications harnessing the calculating abilities of Mathematica for use in a particular field or providing important theoretical tools with a wide variety of potential applications. Dynamic Visualizer was developed by Milo Hedge Ltd.

More information on Dynamic Visualizer is available. To order Dynamic Visualizer, visit the store or contact your local reseller.