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Hate Your Calculus Class? You’ll Love This!

Published September 23, 1998

Wolfram Research Releases Homework Solver for Students

September 23, 1998–Are you worried that calculus will sabotage your GPA or, even worse, that you might fail it? You need Calculus WIZ. Created by Wolfram Research, Inc., makers of the high-powered computational software Mathematica, Calculus WIZ actually does the calculus for you–and shows its work.

Powered by the same engine as the Mathematica professional version, which is used by scientists, engineers, and financial analysts, Calculus WIZ gives answers to any problem in a standard calculus textbook. It also spits out a step-by-step process of how it solves problems so you can learn the concepts, making test preparation a breeze.

“I wish it had been available when I started taking calculus,” said Kelly Bodensteiner, one of Calculus WIZ‘s testers. “My sister will start college in a few weeks, and she will have a definite learning advantage with the WIZ.”

Published by Wolfram Media, Calculus WIZ was developed by math professor Keith Stroyan, author of half a dozen math textbooks. Stroyan says, “I made Calculus WIZ to put some excitement back into calculus. Now that Calculus WIZ does all the boring stuff, your professors will have time to tell you the interesting stuff about calculus.”

Calculus WIZ runs on Windows and Macintosh and requires Mathematica for Students. Both products are available to full-time students through college bookstores or directly from our online store.