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The Mathematica Book Translated into Japanese

Published June 25, 1998

A complete Japanese translation of The Mathematica Book, Stephen Wolfram’s 1400-page, best-selling guide to Mathematica, is now available. This book, to be bundled with the kanji-compatible edition of Mathematica currently available, is the culmination of over three years of work by a coordinated team of mathematicians, translators, and Mathematica users. The translation was overseen by the same Wolfram Research publications group that brought The Mathematica Book into print and supervised the German and French editions.

“A first-class software system demands a first-class, accurate reference,” said Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic and International Development. “The Japanese insistence on quality and thoroughness has endeared them to Mathematica and resulted in tremendous, long-standing success in this market. That’s why it was imperative that the quality of our localization was up to Wolfram Research standards, not just industry standards, which are disappointingly low.”

“Having a Japanese edition of the software is quite valuable, and now the release of the main reference guide in Japanese makes the system even nicer,” said Professor Shigeki Matsumoto of Konan University. “Many computer users already know how helpful Mathematica is. Now even more of my colleagues will see how it can help them perform difficult calculations easily.”

“This represents a particularly exciting time for Mathematica in Japan,” said Alan Skillman, General Manager, Wolfram Research Asia Ltd. “Mathematica is already an important corporate standard here, and having the entire Mathematica Book in Japanese will make Mathematica even more the system of choice among Japanese engineers, scientists, financial analysts, and educators.”

The Japanese edition of The Mathematica Book is available for purchase in the Wolfram Research Online Bookstore.