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Wolfram Research Hosts World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Meeting

Published August 9, 1999

August 9-10, 1999–For three years, Wolfram Research has been a key contributor and member of the Consortium Math Working Group, which formulates and sets common standards to “put math on the web.”

At their most recent meeting at Wolfram Research headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, the group discussed both MathML 2, the successor to the MathML standard arrived at by the Consortium, and ways to ensure that emerging web technology works well with MathML.

Neil Soiffer, leader of user interface design at Wolfram Reseach, Inc., said, “MathML brings mathematics to the web. We are committed to making sure that MathML is rich enough to support not just the needs of the average user but also the needs of users of Mathematica who wish to interact with web documents.”

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