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Analog Insydes Version 2 Beta Now Available for Download!

Published December 15, 2000

December 15, 2000–Analog Insydes 2 is a Mathematica application package that lets you model, analyze, and design analog electronic circuits. Currently available as a beta version, it was designed by German third-party developer ITWM (Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik). Analog Insydes is the world’s only application with the capability of computing approximated symbolic formulas for circuit characteristics.

New interfaces to PSpice®, EldoTM, and Saber® integrate Analog Insydes into popular circuit design environments such as DesignCenter®/Capture® (MicroSim/Orcad), Design Architect® (Mentor Graphics Corporation), and SaberDesignerTM (Avant! Systems) by letting you import netlists, simulation data, and circuit schematics into your Mathematica sessions.

Analog Insydes 2 offers many new or improved features including the following:

  • New interfaces for PSpice, Eldo, and Saber
  • New device-model library
  • New and improved analysis modes
  • New and improved symbolic approximation techniques
  • Full integration of high-performance MathLink binaries
  • Extended circuit description and modeling language
  • Improved circuit equation setup
  • New and improved graphics functions

The Analog Insydes 2 beta version comes with extensive documentation available as a PDF or PostScript document. In the upcoming release version, Analog Insydes 2 will include both integrated Mathematica online documentation and a printed manual. If you are interested in seeing the new features Analog Insydes has to offer, a number of demo notebooks can be reviewed online.

As they did for Version 1, ITWM is providing a free, time-limited demo version for Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and Windows platforms. If you would like to evaluate the beta version of Analog Insydes 2 at no cost for a period of 30 days, simply download the fully functional demo version and register your copy online to obtain your personal temporary password.

ITWM is offering a special promotion to customers who are interested in purchasing Version 2 of Analog Insydes before the official release date. You will get a discount of 15 percent if you buy the beta version of Analog Insydes 2 now. The full-release version will be sent to you at no extra cost (except for shipping charges) as soon as it is available. Upgrade pricing is also available to registered users of Analog Insydes 1. Detailed pricing information is available on the ITWM web site.

Additional information about Analog Insydes and ITWM is also available.