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Mathematica 4.1 Adds Features and Platforms and Increases Performance

Published November 27, 2000

November 27, 2000–Wolfram Research, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Mathematica 4.1, the latest version of the world’s leading technical computing system.

Key new features in Mathematica 4.1 include the following:

  • Enhanced symbolic differential equation solvers
  • Dramatic speed improvements in statistics functions
  • Java integration with J/Link 1.1
  • Improved MathML integration including copying and pasting of formulas to web browsers
  • New support for PowerPC Linux and AlphaLinux platforms
  • New and faster import and export filters for Excel files, tabular data, compressed BMP, DXF, and STL

Mathematica 4.1 also incorporates the newest results from Wolfram Research’s ongoing research and development effort. This effort has been focused on finding new ways to help technical professionals solve two of their primary challenges: handling ever larger data sets and increasingly complex calculations, and communicating technical content faster and more efficiently over the internet.

Another exciting new development is Mathematica 4.1’s ability to integrate with Java via J/Link. “Java is having an enormous impact on the way corporations and developers in general think about software. The complete and transparent integration of Mathematica and Java with J/Link opens up exciting new possibilities for our users by making all of the functionality of Java applications available in Mathematica while at the same time opening up all of Mathematica to Java developers,” says Lars Hohmuth, Manager of Strategic Marketing at Wolfram Research.

Mathematica now works better for large academic and corporate networks. Transparent network licensing simplifies system administration, and expanded import and export features allow Mathematica to integrate more smoothly with other software.

More product details are available on the Wolfram Research web site.