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Mathematica 4 Supports Windows 2000

Published March 24, 2000

March 24, 2000–Wolfram Research is pleased to announce that Microsoft Windows 2000 has been added to the list of supported platforms for Mathematica 4. “I’ve been running it on my own system for over six weeks now. Our experience is that Windows 2000 is a great environment to run Mathematica in, and we’ve discovered no problems specific to the shipping versions of Windows 2000,” says John Fultz, Manager of Front End Technologies at Wolfram Research.

“Our Quality Assurance department has fully tested Mathematica 4 under Windows 2000 with very satisfactory results,” he added. Windows 2000, the latest operating system from Microsoft, integrates the best features of Windows 98 with the strength of the Windows NT platform technology. Mathematica‘s platform-independent, leading-edge design makes it easily compatible with most new software and emerging technologies.