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Loehle Enterprises Releases Global Optimization 4.0

Published March 20, 2001

March 20, 2001–Loehle Enterprises announces the release of Global Optimization 4.0. Global Optimization is a collection of functions for global nonlinear optimization. Currently distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide and in use since early 1998, Global Optimization can be used for nonlinear least-squares model estimation, maximum likelihood analysis, financial analysis (investment allocation and derivative hedging with quadratic programming), engineering design, optimal control, scheduling, vehicle routing, and other applications.

Global Optimization 4.0 introduces several new functions and key updates that were unavailable in previous releases.

  • The new function NLRegression can solve nonlinear and constrained regression problems.
  • The function MultiStartMin now includes equality constraints.
  • The new function MaxLikelihood can solve maximum likelihood estimation problems. Problems can also be constrained to obtain better solutions.
  • Like the function InterchangeMethodMin, the new function TabuSearchMin solves 0-1 integer programming problems such as routing, traveling salesman, minimal spanning tree, and other discrete network problems even when the objective function is nonlinear. TabuSearchMin provides increased efficiency when solving complex problems.

Additional information on Global Optimization 4.0 is available.