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Mathematica International Language Support Expanding

Published April 12, 2001

April 12, 2001–Wolfram Research is continuing to update and grow its line of international language products, most recently with the release of Mathematica Japanese Edition 4.1. This complete version of Mathematica incorporates all of the latest product features and also provides language resources exclusively for Japanese-speaking Mathematica users. Mathematica Japanese Edition 4.1 includes a full Japanese user interface and documentation for Mathematica. The entire Mathematica interface–including menus, palettes, dialog boxes, error and warning messages, and over a thousand pages of online help–has been carefully translated by technical professionals who have had years of experience with the Mathematica system.

In the past year, Wolfram Research has also released updated versions of Mathematica French Language Kit and Mathematica German Language Kit. The language kits are add-ons to the Mathematica system, and each language kit provides a full French or German user interface and online documentation for Mathematica.

In addition, Wolfram Research has recently added Mathematica International Dictionaries to the product line. Mathematica International Dictionaries add language-specific dictionaries to the Mathematica spell checker in a variety of languages that include Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Canadian French, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German Swiss, Italian, Norwegian, Nynorsk, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

More information about Mathematica international language support is available.