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simplyengineering Teams Up with Wolfram Research to Web-Enable Legacy Engineering Models

Published February 19, 2001

February 19, 2001–Wolfram Research, Inc. and simplyengineering corporation collectively announced today that they have reached a licensing agreement that will allow simplyengineering to use Wolfram Research’s highly acclaimed Mathematica product. The result is Calculation City, an online resource that provides engineering professionals with real-world calculators for stress, load, friction, fluid flow, pressure loss, and many other applications.

Mathematica will be used by simplyengineering primarily to web-enable engineers’ existing models and calculators to produce trustworthy and proven results for all engineering applications. simplyengineering‘s patented system will support any models developed with the Mathematica language, which allows the effortless implementation of features such as 3D graphs, animation, and complex simulations. The system also incorporates a feature that allows engineers to store their results for later use.

The technology being employed here is newly developed by Wolfram Research and will soon be available to the public as webMathematica, allowing access to the world’s leading technical computing software from any web browser or web-enabled device. Built around Java Servlet, a proven server technology, webMathematica is fully compatible with state-of-the-art dynamic web systems and is the fastest, easiest, and most dependable method for providing custom-designed computations on the web.

“We’re very pleased that we have signed this agreement with Wolfram Research. This gives the online engineering community confidence in knowing that simplyengineering wants to produce only accurate and trusted results when web-enabling each engineering model,” says Richard Hyatt, Chief Technology Officer of simplyengineering.

“Many companies are interested in finding a web-based delivery mechanism for their services, one with proven functionality and longevity, and with webMathematica we are uniquely situated to provide it,” says Alan Henigman, Business Development Manager at Wolfram Research.

For more information on using webMathematica to enhance your web-based projects, visit the webMathematica product page or send email to webmathematica@wolfram.com.

About simplyengineering corporation

simplyengineering is a rapidly growing company that is highly dedicated to becoming the ultimate global online meeting place for all engineering professionals. simplyengineering offers a unique value proposition to the global engineering community by providing access to valued engineering knowledge through the simplyengineering portal. This knowledge includes models, calculations, standards, and specifications.

simplyengineering‘s goal is to become a viable online resource tool for the global engineering community when engineers need to find solutions for complex problems. simplyengineering‘s reputable partners include Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Accenture, and Exodus Communications. For more information about simplyengineering and its products and services, please visit its website.

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