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Technical Software Leader Commits Resources to Aid South Africa Education

Published August 29, 2001

August 29, 2001–Wolfram Research, Inc., expert developer of technical software, is pleased to announce a new initiative to aid the development of technical education in South Africa. Key to this initiative is Wolfram Research’s South Africa Educational Grant Program, a special purchase program that gives universities and technikons in this country the opportunity to equip their faculty and students with the same technical software used at the top educational institutions around the world.

Wolfram Research’s South Africa educational initiative has been established in recognition of the country’s dedication to improving the quality of its technical education and work-force preparation. To launch this initiative, during September at educational institutions throughout South Africa, Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic and International Development at Wolfram Research, will be giving a series of instructional lectures on technical computing with Mathematica.

Demonstrated at these lectures will be Mathematica, the world’s most powerful technical computing system, which combines fast, high-precision numeric and symbolic computation with easy-to-use data visualization and programming capabilities. The program’s ability both to be used as a platform for experimentation, modeling, and prototyping of algorithms and to interact with other programs has made it a standard tool for researchers and educators of science, mathematics, engineering, and technology-related fields around the world.

webMathematica, a groundbreaking new product from Wolfram Research, will also be featured in the lecture series. webMathematica brings the power of Mathematica to the web, making it possible to provide interactive computation to a large audience via standard web browsers and web sites. It significantly enhances the ability of educators to effectively develop and deliver distance-education materials while facilitating student exploration.

The lectures will be held in seven different locales, including Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Conrad Wolfram will be available for interviews immediately following the presentations.

Please visit the seminar web pages to find additional information, see the lecture schedule, or make a reservation. Questions regarding this tour or concerning interview arrangements can be directed to Wolfram Research at southafrica-tour@wolfram.com or to Clemens Dempers at Turningpoint Solutions, the authorized Mathematica reseller in South Africa, by telephone at +27-(0)11-447-9916 or by email at dempers@turningpoint.co.za.