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Visual Analysis AG Receives Innovation Award at the 2001 ATZ Conference

Published September 21, 2001

September 21, 2001–Independent Mathematica application developer Visual Analysis AG was given the 2001 Innovation Award by the journal Automotive Engineering Partners (AEP) at the Fifth Annual Automobile Technical Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. The award, which is only in its third year, was presented to Visual Analysis CEO Stefan Braun by AEP publisher Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer and chief editor Michael Reichenbach. The editing staff, which decides the recipients, chose Visual Analysis for the quality developmental services it provides for the automotive market and highlighted its innovative products and services.

The Visual Analysis product palette includes individual solutions from mathematical modeling to complete program development. The company is a certified Mathematica reseller and offers Mathematica consulting and training services, in addition to producing and selling its own Math Wizards product line. The Math Wizards are a suite of Mathematica application packages that include Industrial Electromagnetism, Industrial Optimization, and Industrial Thermics.

  • Industrial Optimization is designed for solving a wide range of optimization tasks. It provides well-tested optimization algorithms as well as modern techniques. You can also read, prepare, and analyze data easily by using statistical functions and matrix operations.
  • Full of innovative solution techniques for thermal calculations, Industrial Thermics is a powerful instrument for any analytical view in the field of heat transfer. It helps you create parametric mathematical models that you can change and optimize quickly and intuitively.
  • Industrial Electromagnetism is designed for performing analyses in all fields of electrodynamics. It provides innovative techniques for mastering electromagnetic tasks, enabling you to comfortably and most effectively create, change, and optimize parametric mathematical models.

The Math Wizards fit perfectly into Mathematica and make use of its outstanding capabilities. They also come with many practical examples that you can use easily to perform or check your own calculations.

The methodological approach of the Visual Analysis team differs from the approaches of other well-known simulation programs such as FEM and CFD. Visual Analysis solves engineering problems by converting them to mathematical models that contain the basic physical equations. As their universal software tool, the scientists of Visual Analysis choose Mathematica for its flexible facilities for creating a custom user interface and its versatility as a platform, as well as for its computational power and ease of use. This approach has led Visual Analysis to new insights in the field of automotive engineering during the early stages of development, for example, in crash behavior and thermodynamics. As a result, customers are able to reduce developmental time, effort, and costs most effectively.

Visual Analysis is the leading company in the field of Computer Algebra Simulation (CALS). It was founded in 1995 in Munich by three engineers. Today the company, which converted to a joint-stock company in the year 2000, employs more than 30 scientists (predominantly physicists and mathematicians, more than half having Ph.D.’s) in the Munich headquarters and a sales staff in Leverkusen. With this continuously expanding expert team, Visual Analysis offers exceptional mathematical know-how.