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Wolfram Research Brings Mathematica to India

Published August 28, 2001

August 28, 2001–Representatives from Wolfram Research, Inc., makers of Mathematica, will be traveling throughout India from September 10 to 18, 2001, to present a series of lectures entitled “Technical Computing with Mathematica: Capabilities, Design, and Applications.” The lectures will provide an overview of Mathematica‘s capabilities and will demonstrate a wide range of applications in engineering, physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Mathematica is a powerful technical computing software system that combines fast, high-precision numeric and symbolic computation with easy-to-use data visualization and programming capabilities. It is the technical software of choice for top universities and research centers in the U.S. and around the world. Educators appreciate its many innovative solutions for enhancing advanced research, preparing materials for classes, and facilitating student exploration.

Presenting the lectures will be Dr. Paul Abbott, computational physicist at the University of Western Australia. Dr. Abbott worked for Wolfram Research, Inc. from 1989 to 1992 in its applications department and is presently a Wolfram Research consultant. He is also the author of two Mathematica-related books.

Lectures will be held in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Kanpur. Admission is free, and anyone who is interested is invited to attend. A high turnout is expected and space is limited, so early registration is recommended.

Please visit the seminar web pages to find additional information, see the lecture schedule, or make a reservation. Questions regarding the lecture tour can be directed to Wolfram Research at india-tour@wolfram.com or to T. S. Rao at Sierra Optima Limited, the authorized Mathematica reseller in India, by telephone at +91-(0)40-3740368 or by email at tsrao@sierraopt.com.