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Wolfram Research Purchase Programs Expanded

Published October 1, 2001

October 1, 2001–Wolfram Research, Inc., creator of Mathematica and other innovative technical computing solutions, recently expanded its purchase programs to include its entire selection of products. Originally designed to provide options for licensing Mathematica, Wolfram Research’s fully integrated technical computing system and flagship product, these flexible purchase programs now allow existing and potential customers to license all of those software solutions that best fit their technical computation needs. The company’s products, all of which are fully compatible with one another, cover a wide range of skill levels and include more-specialized tools that allow individuals to perform field-specific calculations, create interactive web sites, or publish their results to the web.

Since 1988, Wolfram Research’s license programs have provided an easy and economical way for organizations to distribute and maintain their technical computing software. These programs can be configured to accommodate a small group of users, a department or research group, or an entire organization. “Depending on the customer’s specific needs, products can be purchased or leased as part of a program that includes such added benefits as automatic upgrades, technical support, free home-use licenses, and the ability to add additional products to the license at the same discount level,” explains Janice Hunter, Operational Sales Manager.

Offering a variety of products makes it possible to provide discounts that are more attractive to both existing and potential users. Two of the current license programs–the Volume-Purchase Program and the Comprehensive Program–offer incremental discounts that increase with the number of copies licensed. Because several products can now be obtained through a single license program, organizations are able to achieve higher discounts than were previously possible. “With each new product we introduce, organizations will find our license programs more competitive,” says Anu Sandhu, a Product Manager in the Strategic Marketing Group. “In addition, because each product shares the same language, document format, and help systems, users can share information with others in their organization or profession while still using the product they have selected for their specific needs.”

Wolfram Research’s expanding line of products currently includes Mathematica, webMathematica, CalculationCenter, The Mathematical Explorer, and a number of Mathematica applications in fields such as control engineering, financial analysis, data processing, and wavelet analysis. Each product can be licensed under any of Wolfram Research’s license programs, including the Unlimited Program, one of the most popular and flexible plans. The Unlimited Program allows Wolfram Research products to be installed throughout the entire organization, alleviating the need to monitor or put a cap on the maximum number of users. Note, however, that not all products are available in all markets.

“By offering more licensing choices, we empower organizations to find the exact mix of products, distribution methods, and costs that will allow them to successfully implement their strategic plans and achieve their goals,” says Hunter. “Now users have more options than ever before.”

Detailed information about Wolfram Research products is available. More information about the licensing options offered is also available.