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Addison-Wesley Introduces MathXL and webMathematica Collaboration

Published March 18, 2002

UPDATE: See MathXL Publishing Example

March 18, 2002–Addison-Wesley, one of the world’s most respected textbook publishers, has launched new online calculus tutorials and testing using webMathematica technology from Wolfram Research. MathXL for Calculus is a web-based program designed to help diagnose students’ calculus skills and to create a personalized study plan for each student based on the student’s test results.

webMathematica provides the long sought-after ability to quickly and easily add interactive calculations to the web and was intended for the development and deployment of sophisticated intranet and internet sites such as MathXL for Calculus.

Harnessing the power of webMathematica technology, MathXL for Calculus offers:

  • Adaptive multiple-choice and free-response questions
  • Evaluation of student answers in real time
  • Graphical equation editor for symbolic answer input
  • Book-specific feedback in tutorial exercises
  • Tracked tutorial and test results stored in online grade book

To develop MathXL for Calculus, Addison-Wesley needed the display and evaluation capabilities of a symbolic computing system online, and webMathematica was the only tool that met those needs. “webMathematica made it possible for us to develop algorithmic calculus tutorials and tests in MathXL and to evaluate the students’ answers. Using webMathematica, we can continue to add capabilities to MathXL to make sure it remains the best online mathematics testing and tutorial program out there,” said Marlene Thom, Senior Producer at Addison-Wesley.

MathXL Preview

With MathXL for Calculus, students can get unlimited practice from algorithmically generated tutorial exercises correlated to each chapter and section of their Addison-Wesley textbook. Instructors can create customized tests and quizzes and can view all student test results, study plans, and tutorial work in the online grade book. Because every piece of MathXL for Calculus is delivered over the internet, it is also ideal for online or distance learning courses.

Based on the proven Java Servlet technology and other modern web standards, webMathematica is fully compatible with state-of-the-art dynamic web systems, which made it easy for Addison-Wesley to integrate webMathematica into its existing web infrastructure. “We always envisioned online and distance education as a perfect fit for the possibilities of webMathematica,” says Lars Hohmuth, Manager of Strategic Marketing at Wolfram Research. “It is good to see forward-thinking companies like Addison-Wesley be among the first to also grasp and utilize this unique technology for this purpose.”

Addison-Wesley is the number one mathematics publisher for the higher education market and strives to develop innovative solutions for today’s teaching and learning challenges through text, supplements, software, CD-ROMs, videos, and the Internet.

More information about webMathematica is available.