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CalculationCenter 2 Adds New Calculation and Communication Capabilities

Published April 29, 2002

April 29, 2002–Starting today, CalculationCenter 2 from Wolfram Research, Inc. brings you new computing functionality, new communication capabilities, and further enhancements to this widely acclaimed calculation tool–all without compromising quality.

Initially released in March 2001, CalculationCenter has been highly rated by Macworld, Desktop Engineering, and PC Plus, among others, and was well received by users. CalculationCenter 2 builds upon the first version’s innovative point-and-click interface concept, smart plotting, and unique InstantCalculators to provide a host of new features.

CalculationCenter 2 offers broad new statistics capabilities. The addition of analytical distribution functions for standard statistical distributions enables you to develop models that describe random behavior. Users can compare these models to experimental data to estimate parameters or can use them to generate random simulation data to test the likelihood of possible outcomes. Unlike typical statistics packages, CalculationCenter 2 works with the formulas related to statistical function, not just with the numbers, giving users much more insight and a greater range of problem-solving ability.

CalculationCenter‘s unique, intelligent error-correction technology has also been enhanced in Version 2. In the new version there are more cases in which CalculationCenter can save you time by suggesting what you meant to type. For users switching to CalculationCenter from Excel or Mathcad, there are even more features to help get you started in 10 minutes or less. Type or paste in a formula containing an Excel or a Mathcad function, and CalculationCenter will suggest either the equivalent or the closest function available, updating the formula with the click of a button.

Other new capabilities in CalculationCenter 2 include:

  • The addition of MathML 2.0 support, which allows users to better share their work over the web. MathML is the XML-based open standard for the use and re-use of mathematical and scientific content on the web.
  • An extended range of graphic types with a new inequality plot that can visualize complicated linear and nonlinear, and continuous and discrete, inequality relationships. A new multiple-data-set plot type makes it easier than ever to compare data.
  • Support for the 3D file formats DXF and STL and the data format CSV to facilitate interaction with other engineering, design, and data-handling software. There is also a new mechanism to import other CalculationCenter notebooks, making it easy to build up libraries of functions and to refer to them from within a notebook.
  • New, faster algorithms for many of CalculationCenter‘s data analysis functions. Now you can analyze and manipulate large data sets faster than ever before.

Containing hundreds of functions–most working with symbolic as well as numeric input and all with InstantCalculator support–CalculationCenter is the only tool needed to easily produce superior-quality technical reports that can be distributed via hard copy, email, or the web. Also ideal for organizations, CalculationCenter enables users of varying needs to share compatible documents and to maintain the notebook-document presentation style that is consistent with other Wolfram Research products.

CalculationCenter 2 is available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP and Mac OS platforms. The suggested retail price is $295 (U.S. and Canada), making it highly competitive with other calculating solutions. For international pricing, please contact your local reseller. Additional information about CalculationCenter is available on our website.