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Digital Image Processing: Image Processing and Analysis with the Power of Mathematica

Published July 22, 2002

July 22, 2002–Digital Image Processing 1.1 is a Mathematica application package that offers a powerful collection of fundamental and advanced image processing tools. With this package users can prototype and perform more sophisticated analyses than with standard image processing software.

The new version offers significant speed and performance improvements, greater memory efficiency, and new graphics functions including:

  • ShowImageHistogram: for easy visualization of image histograms
  • ShowImageWarp: for easy plotting of control points used in image warp operations
  • ShowLineProfile: for easy visualization of line profiles
  • ShowRegionOfInterest: for simplified display of user-selected regions of interest

Digital Image Processing was designed for engineers, scientists, medical professionals, and students who need versatile, comprehensive image processing software. The package contains a large assortment of image transformation and manipulation tools as well as an interactive manual and tutorial to get new users started quickly. Advanced users can take advantage of the flexibility of Mathematica to create and automate custom analyses and to design prototype procedures and algorithms.

Dr. Mariusz Jankowski, the author of Digital Image Processing, has won numerous awards for his work in electrical engineering education. This package and its accompanying documentation are based in part on his University of Southern Maine courses, which incorporate the use of professional, state-of-the-art tools.

Existing users of Digital Image Processing can download Version 1.1 for free on the Wolfram Research website. More information about Digital Image Processing, including several new examples of potential uses, is available.