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Wolfram Research Announces Mathematica Teacher’s Edition for Mac OS X

Published November 20, 2002

November 20, 2002–Mathematica Teacher’s Edition, a new product designed especially for high school teachers and community college professors, is now available for Mac OS X and is part of Apple’s recently announced Math Curriculum Mobile Lab. This fully native version of Mathematica Teacher’s Edition for Mac OS X further demonstrates Wolfram Research’s commitment to education and to the Mac by combining powerful problem-solving abilities and time-saving tools with a simple and intuitive user interface.

“Both Mathematica and the Mac are well-established favorites among educators and students, so we were eager to bring Mathematica Teacher’s Edition to Mac OS X as quickly as possible,” says Theodore Gray, Director of User Interfaces at Wolfram Research. “Mathematica Teacher’s Edition is designed to help free teachers from routine tasks and give them more time to focus on the creative and exciting aspects of teaching, a philosophy that is shared and enhanced by Mac OS X.”

Mathematica Teacher’s Edition features a custom-designed graphical interface that includes a point-and-click assignment generator. It provides a wealth of tools such as ready-to-use classroom demos, interactive courseware, fully editable math typesetting, and the world’s best calculation system to help math educators put their students on the fast track to learning.

With Mathematica Teacher’s Edition, you can:

  • Perform symbolic and numerical calculations in basic math, algebra, or calculus
  • Build customized assignments and quizzes
  • Automatically generate answer keys and verify solutions
  • Show classroom demos featuring live 2D and 3D graphics, animations, sounds, and interactive typeset formulas–all designed to help augment students’ intuition and interest
  • Illustrate multiple problem-solving approaches to any given problem
  • Take advantage of extensive, ready-to-use courseware or adapt it to fit your needs

In addition, Mathematica Teacher’s Edition works seamlessly with other Wolfram Research products like Mathematica for the Classroom and Mathematica for Students to give students a head start by exposing them to the computing tools and methods they will use throughout their academic and professional careers. You can easily send the platform-independent “notebook” files by email or save them as HTML and post them on the web–making them a convenient way to share reports and documents among students and teachers.

Mathematica Teacher’s Edition is part of the recently announced Math Curriculum Mobile Lab from Apple. Apple’s new Curriculum Mobile Labs provide exceptional value for educators by combining the best curriculum software with AirPort-enabled Apple iBooks and Apple Professional Development courses to create powerful, easy-to-use tools that can help raise student achievement in literacy, math, and science.