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Geometrica02 for Exact Drawing and Geometry

Published April 2, 2003

April 2, 2003–Independent developer Video Atelier has recently released Geometrica02, a new version of this specialized Mathematica application package for exact drawing and geometry. With this new version and Mathematica, users can perform a wider range of geometrical operations and analysis using Mathematica‘s list processing, symbolic, and functional programming facilities.

Geometrica02 introduces a number of new features that make the package even more attractive to users in education, research, design, and engineering. Objects are systematically described by their Cartesian, Euclidean, and parametric definitions to enable multiple problem-solving approaches. New functions greatly extend and simplify the 3D drawing and visualization capabilities of the product as well as its capabilities for CAD and optics applications.

Geometrica02 comes with complete print and online documentation, including many detailed examples and color illustrations. Additional information about Geometrica02 is available on our product pages.