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Innovative Semester and Annual Editions Make Mathematica for Students Accessible for All

Published October 24, 2003

October 24, 2003–Wolfram Research continues to take the lead in responding to the needs of students and faculty with the introduction of the new semester and annual editions of Mathematica for Students. These time-limited (six-month and one-year), downloadable editions of Mathematica for Students provide an immediate and affordable way for students anywhere in the world to gain the Mathematica advantage in any class–for less than half the price of many textbooks.

Mathematica for Students is the technical software preferred by top universities, leading corporations, and government organizations worldwide. With all of the functionality of the professional version, Mathematica for Students lets students finish homework assignments and lab reports in record time and is capable of performing all of the computations that students encounter in school from elementary to postgraduate level.

These new downloadable editions will appeal to a broader range of students, including those with less technical majors, who may need the capabilities of Mathematica for only one or two prerequisite or elective classes. These editions are also of benefit to faculty who would like to encourage their students to use technical software for their assignments but who previously felt that the added financial burden was too large of a deterrent.

“For a long time now, we have worked with schools and universities to make Mathematica for Students as affordable and accessible as possible, offering site purchasing and leasing options that provide added savings over the regular retail price,” states Cliff Hastings, North American Sales Manager at Wolfram Research. “These programs have been widely adopted by many schools, but with the addition of Mathematica for Students: Semester Edition and Mathematica for Students: Annual Edition, students can now get these savings directly, regardless of whether they are on a licensed Mathematica campus.”

“In just 10 minutes, for about $50, any student around the world can be up and running with Mathematica. This opens access to almost all students taking a technical class–even if they aren’t math or science majors,” adds Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic International Development. “We’ve removed key barriers to students and their professors opting for Mathematica‘s unique ability to enhance technical education.”

More information about Mathematica for Students: Semester Edition and Annual Edition is available.