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Mathematica Homeschool Kit Provides Affordable Math Software for Homeschoolers

Published September 29, 2003

Mathematica Homeschool Kit is no longer available for sale. Please view our current products for educators and students.

September 29, 2003–Wolfram Research has combined several of its acclaimed software products for precollege education to create Mathematica Homeschool Kit, which makes these products available at a special discount for homeschoolers. This kit gives children the edge they need to be successful, using the tools preferred by leading schools, universities, and professionals worldwide.

Wolfram Research is the maker of the renowned Mathematica technical computing system and other software products based on Mathematica‘s outstanding technology. A complete line of educational, professional, and recreational computing software fills the needs of users ranging from K-12 students to doctoral candidates, and from hobbyists to experts in a wide variety of fields. While leading researchers use Mathematica to solve exacting problems of great complexity, over five hundred colleges (including all of the top 25 universities listed in U.S. News & World Report) and premier high schools use Mathematica technology for a broad range of coursework.

Mathematica Homeschool Kit includes three popular Wolfram Research products–Mathematica Teacher’s Edition, The Mathematical Explorer, and Calculus WIZ–that help put a friendly face on math and science education. With The Mathematical Explorer parents can introduce their children to the stories and faces behind the math, and students can explore some of the most fascinating topics in mathematics, from ancient Greece up to the 21st century, as they walk in the computational footsteps of history’s greatest mathematicians.

Whether the subject is basic math, advanced calculus, or anything in between, “Mathematica Teacher’s Edition has the answers for you, both literally and figuratively!” says Homeschooling Parent magazine. Mathematica Teacher’s Edition remembers everything that parents may have forgotten about precollege mathematics, saving valuable preparation time and allowing for greater instructional creativity. Parents can use Mathematica Teacher’s Edition to generate high-quality, non-repeating assignments and quizzes–as well as the correct answer keys–that are adaptable to any level and specific interest. With Mathematica Teacher’s Edition, parents can also show animated demos to illustrate important ideas and can utilize interactive courseware–right out of the box.

As children begin to study more-advanced concepts, parents will welcome the aid of Calculus WIZ to help them master a core college requirement. Calculus WIZ is an interactive calculus tutorial that’s simple, powerful, and easy to understand, giving students a firm grasp of key concepts so they can better tackle their assignments.

Mathematica Homeschool Kit gives parents innovative and affordable tools that they can use to start their children on a lifetime love of learning and an appreciation for mathematics. Together, the products in Mathematica Homeschool Kit will give students the opportunity to explore real-world problems and to develop a firm foundation that will serve them well throughout their future educational and professional careers.

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