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New Wolfram Research Products and License Programs Translate into Lower Pricing and More Offerings for High Schools

Published February 17, 2003

February 17, 2003–Wolfram Research has launched a new strategic initiative that extends to high schools and other precollege institutions the same customizable and affordable licensing options that the company already has in place for college campuses, with significantly lower costs. Teachers and staff can now choose from a number of flexible and cost-effective ways to license, deploy, and administer Wolfram Research products.

Wolfram Research offers a broad range of products for mathematics and science education, including Mathematica for the Classroom, Mathematica Teacher’s Edition, CalculationCenter, Mathematica for Students, The Mathematical Explorer, and Calculus WIZ. Under the new licensing structure, schools qualify for a flat discount level based on school size and scope of purchase. They can then pick and mix from all eligible products to design the program that best fits their exact instructional needs. Program administrators will be amazed to learn that some products can be licensed for less than 10 dollars per copy as part of their site agreement.

Many teachers and students have already discovered the benefits of using Mathematica for the Classroom, which offers a single, integrated environment for word processing, calculation, and demonstration. The same system also gives students a place to investigate real-world problems interactively, work on collaborative class projects, complete their assignments, or simply explore. Used in conjunction with the all new Mathematica Teacher’s Edition–a timesaving toolkit that lets teachers generate fresh assignments and answer keys, show animated demos, and utilize interactive courseware–it provides an unparalleled classroom solution.

“With college becoming the normal progression–and hence more competitive–for many students, schools are looking for ways to ensure that their students are as well prepared as possible for that next step, and more of them are looking to us for their calculation solutions,” says Cliff Hastings, North American Sales Manager at Wolfram Research. “Our site plans have been very successful at the university level because of the many benefits and savings that they provide, and we have now found a way to offer those same advantages to K-12 schools as well, on a scale that they can afford.”

The new licensing structure offers numerous advantages such as:

  • Large discounts on all Wolfram Research products
  • Flexible license-management options
  • Free home use for teachers and staff
  • Student license options
  • Free automatic upgrades
  • Complimentary copies of webMathematica Amateur

Whatever their needs and restrictions, schools can choose between purchasing and leasing options to gain access to the world’s leading tools for math, science, and technology education at new low prices. Schools can obtain individual licenses or equip whole departments, computer labs, or even the entire campus with Mathematica for the Classroom and other great educational software.

Mathematica is the tool of choice of over eight hundred colleges and universities worldwide and is used in an unprecedented range of fields in industry and research settings,” says Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic Marketing at Wolfram Research. “Exposing students to Mathematica early on has been demonstrated to improve the quality of their education and equips them with a tool that will serve them well throughout their careers.” Select high schools, including premier college-preparatory and laboratory schools, are leading the way in adopting Wolfram Research’s extensive offerings for the precollege market. These schools are using the technology to update and innovate their curricula to provide a superior learning experience.

Visit our solutions section to learn more about Mathematica in precollege education and to see how some schools are using Mathematica technology in their classrooms. To speak with a representative about solutions for your school, contact Wolfram Research by email at info@wolfram.com or by phone at 1-800-WOLFRAM (965-3726).