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gridMathematica 2 Now Available–A Major Enhancement to the Premier Software Environment for Supercomputing

Published May 8, 2004

March 8, 2005–gridMathematica 2 is now available from Wolfram Research. As previewed at Supercomputing 2004 late last year, this new version of the widely used parallel computing software harnesses all the capabilities of Mathematica 5.1 and is optimized for virtually all Top 500 supercomputers, heterogeneous grids or clusters, and personal workstations. With gridMathematica, scientists and engineers can easily develop powerful parallel applications on a PC and deploy them seamlessly on any grid or supercomputer.

Features of gridMathematica 2 include significant scheduling and performance enhancements, automatic parallelization of wider classes of computations, programmable scheduling for problem-specific tuning, support for speculative parallelism, seamless execution on scalar and parallel setup, improved failure recovery and user configurability, universal database connectivity, web services support, high-speed binary I/O, industrial-strength string manipulation, and full optimization for all 64-bit architectures that Mathematica supports.

Building on the rich foundation of Mathematica 5.1 and Parallel Computing Toolkit 2, gridMathematica is perfectly suited for numerical supercomputing applications as well as parallel processing of complex non-numeric data such as images, 2D and 3D vector graphics, geospatial information, genomic sequences, algebraic formulas, logical and program constructs, and general symbolic data.

Since its introduction in 2002, gridMathematica has been successfully deployed by many major corporations, government organizations, and universities, including Aerospace Corp, Argonne National Laboratory, Columbia University, Dow Chemical, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Kyoto University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, MIT, NASA Langley, Queen’s University, RAND Corporation, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Seagate Technology, Silicon Graphics, Space Telescope Science Institute, Thomson Multimedia, University of California Berkeley, University of North Carolina, University of Tokyo, Yale University, and many more.

“gridMathematica is a powerful tool for developing parallel applications for the Windows platform,” said Dennis Oldroyd, director of the Windows Server Division at Microsoft Corporation. “Now customers can use a standard PC to write large parallel algorithms and then deploy them on larger clusters and grids with limited porting time. This tool helps simplify the development and deployment of computationally intensive parallel applications on the Windows platform.”

gridMathematica 2 is available for all common Linux and Unix systems, Windows, and Mac OS X. Computers in the cluster do not have to run the same operating system. Introductory training on gridMathematica is offered by the Wolfram Education Group. More information about gridMathematica 2 is available.