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MathCode F90 Generates Optimized Fortran 90 Code from Mathematica

Published December 30, 2004

December 30, 2004–MathCode F90, a new Mathematica application package from MathCore Engineering AB, is now available for developing highly optimized Fortran 90 applications directly in Mathematica. With this add-on package, users can easily create prototypes in Mathematica and immediately translate them into efficient Fortran 90 code.

Mathematica with MathCode F90 provides a platform for the rapid development of production-quality code for heavy simulations and other expensive computations. The automatic code generation of MathCode F90 is also a safeguard against the typing errors and associated bugs encountered when using conventional methods for prototyping and implementation.

MathCode F90 for Windows can be purchased from the Wolfram web store.

More information is available.