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Mathematica 5 Optimized for 64-Bit Computing on IRIX®

Published June 1, 2004

June 1, 2004–Wolfram Research has released a new 64-bit optimized port of Mathematica 5 for users running SGI® IRIX® 6.5 on MIPS® processor-based machines.

IRIX users can now upgrade to the enhanced speed and functionality that Mathematica 5 provides, without any sacrifice to the comfort and performance of their native operating system. Mathematica‘s advanced algorithms and capacity for large data sets make it a natural match for the 64-bit architecture.

Wolfram Research has also updated gridMathematica, the high-performance parallel version of Mathematica, for compatibility with IRIX. Typical uses of gridMathematica include bioinformatics applications, data mining, and large computations in physics, mathematics, and the life sciences, making it well suited for SGI’s MIPS-based multi-processor systems.

With over 50 customizable graphics types for 2D and 3D visualization, and a virtually limitless ability to handle computationally intensive problems, Mathematica 5 will accommodate the technical computing demands of any user. This new port brings these and all the other advantages of Mathematica 5 to the IRIX platform.

Mathematica 5 for IRIX can be immediately downloaded from the Wolfram Research web store or ordered in a CD-ROM format. More information about Mathematica 5 and gridMathematica is available.