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Specialized Mini-Courses Provide Live, Interactive Mathematica Training Online

Published October 5, 2004

October 5, 2004–Wolfram Education Group has now expanded its Mathematica training course offerings with the launch of several new online mini-courses taught by core developers at Wolfram Research. These tightly focused, interactive sessions provide inexpensive training in areas such as statistical analysis, numerical computation, technical authoring, and applied programming.

Mini-courses also give Wolfram Research developers a means to present innovative and emerging technologies–including webMathematica, gridMathematica, J/Link, .NET/Link, and Web Services Package–as they are integrated into Mathematica products. These sneak peeks offer users a heads-up on the latest advances from Wolfram Research and lend an insider’s view into the future of technical computing.

With the freedom to design a curriculum to fit most busy schedules, participants can choose any number or combination of courses to help strengthen their Mathematica skills and learn how these skills can be put to use to solve practical problems in their discipline. Each course can be taken at home or in the office, and includes courseware and a free 30-day version of Mathematica.

Attendees connect to the live training sessions online, and they can hear and be heard by the instructor and fellow participants over the phone. This personal interactivity enables students attending a mini-course to get immediate answers to their questions and benefit from valuable hands-on learning exercises.

“Mini-courses offer the same intensive one-on-one learning environment as our onsite and center-based training, with highly applied, practical topics for government, academics, and private industry,” said Paul Wellin, manager of Wolfram Education Group. “Busy users can now have convenient access to this valuable resource without sacrificing the insight, expertise, and individual attention of our certified instructors.”

Mini-courses will also occasionally be offered in a standard classroom format, usually in conjunction with conferences and other special events.

Each Wolfram Education Group mini-course is three to four hours in length and costs USD$250. More information, including a current training calendar, is available.