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webMathematica 2.1 Delivers Web Computations with the Increased Speed and Scope of Mathematica 5

Published April 27, 2004

April 27, 2004–webMathematica now includes the high-performance Mathematica 5, adding more speed and options for real-time, interactive web applications. In addition to introducing a host of innovative features, Mathematica 5 delivers large performance gains in dense numerical linear algebra, support for sparse numerical linear algebra, large-scale linear programming, arbitrary-precision computation, and interprocess communication speed.

webMathematica 2.1 is also enhanced with powerful new development options and support for additional graphic, web, and matrix file formats. These new formats–including the popular PNG web bitmap format, the vector graphic format SVG, and the medical DICOM standard–give developers more choices in creating their webMathematica applications.

“We chose webMathematica for math rendering because it has an unrivaled feature set,” says Brandon Lee, CEO of Terra Dotta, a company that provides learning solutions for schools, universities, and businesses. “It does what no other math product can do.”

While the new functionality of webMathematica 2.1 offers authors more options for building applications, the Mathematica 5 speed improvements ensure quick delivery of these applications to users. Support for the latest 64-bit platforms and servers allows substantially faster processing of computationally intensive webMathematica applications.

Designed to help developers deliver fast, dynamic websites for their users, webMathematica solves the problem of how to create and distribute technical computing application solutions in today’s networked environment. Built on platform-independent standards such as HTML, Java, and Java Servlet technology, webMathematica 2.1 seamlessly integrates the advances of Mathematica 5 into virtually any infrastructure.

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