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Wolfram Research Expands Access to CalculationCenter with New Licensing Options

Published March 19, 2004

March 19, 2004–Wolfram Research has expanded its licensing options for CalculationCenter, making the easy-to-use computational software even more accessible. The release of Network CalculationCenter and CalculationCenter for Students streamlines affordable multi-user site access and offers students an inexpensive option for use on their personal computers.

Based on Mathematica technology, but specifically designed for less demanding practical applications, CalculationCenter‘s new Version 2 features quick data analysis, enhanced error-correction capabilities, and broadened communications support. With a simple and friendly interface, CalculationCenter 2 eliminates the need for lengthy manuals and lets users get right to the tasks at hand.

Network CalculationCenter is the most cost-effective licensing solution for academic and business settings where dedicated single-machine licenses are not necessary. With this new option, sites can optimize the availability of a given number of licenses over a larger group of users.

Using the MathLM licensing manager, system administrators can deploy multiple processes from a central location with just one installation and offer their users the convenience of working from any networked computer.

While the new network licensing provides more flexible options to multiple-user sites, CalculationCenter for Students offers more affordability for students working at their personal computers.

With immediate support for anything from basic algebra to symbolic integration and differentiation, CalculationCenter for Students is ideal for students enrolled in business, statistics, and other related courses. Integrated help systems like InstantCalculators assist in getting assignments done quickly and correctly on the first try.

Using the SmartPlot feature, students may also create complex graphs to be exported in 3D file formats, integrated into technical word-processing documents compatible with notebooks (.nb), or published on the web. With CalculationCenter for Students, professional-quality presentations are only a few clicks away.

Now available with licensing options to suit any user’s needs, CalculationCenter 2 is the solution for technical workloads of almost any level and size.

CalculationCenter is already an indispensable tool for many students, professionals, and educators,” said Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic and International Development at Wolfram Research. “With these new competitively priced editions, CalculationCenter will be more accessible for training toward technical careers and for organizations looking to integrate the quick computational solution into their R&D infrastructure.”