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Launching the Wolfram Technology Guide

Published December 12, 2005

December 12, 2005–Wolfram Research today launched the web-based Wolfram Technology Guide. Under the banner “The Technology Inside Matters,” the guide explains important, often unique Mathematica technologies and relates them to practical advantages for users. This is the inside view of what makes Mathematica more trustworthy than its competitors.

“Getting the answer right critically depends on the technology used to calculate it,” explains Conrad Wolfram, director of strategic development at Wolfram Research. “It’s easy to look at a list of features, but much harder to assess whether they’ll work in hard cases as well as easy ones. The Technology Guide gives beyond-the-demo insight into what’s important and why our users have that special ‘Mathematica confidence.'”

The Technology Guide is aimed at R&D managers and directors as well as current and potential Mathematica users. Quite apart from explaining Mathematica‘s capabilities, the guide is ideal for assessing benchmarking topics when considering what technical computing system to adopt.

Wolfram Research is a leading developer of tools for science and technology and the predominant supplier of technical computing software for exploratory work. “Those at the frontiers demand frontier technology,” says Wolfram. “That’s why we’ve consistently led innovation in technical computing.”

See the ways in which the technology inside matters, in the Wolfram Technology Guide.