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Parallel Computing Toolkit 2–Expanding the Power and Scope of Mathematica 5.1

Published March 8, 2005

March 8, 2005–Mathematica Parallel Computing Toolkit 2–released today by Wolfram Research–is a versatile parallel computing solution for anyone with access to more than one processor. Compatible with Mathematica 5.1 and also a major component of gridMathematica 2, this Mathematica application package enables users to tackle large-scale problems and build platform-independent parallel programs with their existing Mathematica installations.

Parallel Computing Toolkit is used by engineers, scientists, and analysts for their most demanding computations and is popular for product design and high level research. Educators also use this package to easily explore parallel computing concepts in the classroom. With support for multiprocessor machines as well as homogeneous and heterogeneous clusters, and no need for dedicated parallel hardware, it is an affordable and accessible computing solution for almost any system.

Major new features and enhancements include:

  • Improved configuration of remote Mathematica kernels
  • Additional automatic parallelization
  • Better load balancing based on relative processor speeds and communication latencies
  • Programmable scheduling for easy problem-specific optimization
  • Enhanced support for tracing and debugging
  • Support for speculative parallelization
  • Seamless execution on scalar and parallel setups
  • Additional utility functions for finer control and ease of use

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2 can be purchased for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix from the Wolfram web store.

More information is available.