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AceGen and AceFEM Bring On-Demand Numerical Code Generation and Finite Element Analysis to Mathematica

Published November 28, 2006

November 28, 2006–Wolfram Research has now released AceGen and AceFEM, two new application packages that together bring a robust, optimized architecture for rapid numerical prototyping and finite element analysis to Mathematica.

AceGen can be used to automatically derive formulas needed in numerical procedures. Its code-generation system combines the symbolic and algebraic capabilities of Mathematica with built-in processes for automatic differentiation, simultaneous expression optimization, and theorem proving to provide accurate numerical code from symbolic descriptions. This approach makes AceGen ideal for determining characteristic quantities such as gradients, tangent operators, and sensitivity vectors. The generated code is portable and can be implemented in supported finite element environments such as AceFEM or compiled with the included C compiler.

AceFEM similarly takes advantage of Mathematica‘s symbolic capabilities, within an efficient general finite element environment powerful enough to visualize and solve industrial-scale multi-physics problems. It includes a large, extensible library of finite elements prebuilt for professionals and researchers in manufacturing, construction, and various mechanical engineering disciplines.

Key features in AceGen include:

  • Optimization procedures with stochastic evaluation of expressions
  • Multi-language code generation and automatic interfacing to numerical environments
  • Simultaneous optimization of derived expressions
  • Automatic selection of appropriate intermediate variables

The finite element environment of AceFEM provides:

  • Structured mesh generation in one, two, and three dimensions
  • Support for commercial mesh generators
  • Direct and sensitivity analysis
  • Element-oriented finite element technology
  • Coupling of symbolic capabilities and large-scale numerical simulations

Through March 13, 2007, all customers may take advantage of an introductory 20% discount on these packages through the Wolfram web store.

Developed and supported by Joe Korelc, AceGen and AceFEM require Mathematica 5.0 or higher and are available for Windows.

More information is available on the AceGen and AceFEM websites.