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Mathematica Link for Excel 3 Brings Powerful New Features for Data Analysis to Microsoft Excel

Published October 4, 2006

October 4, 2006–Opening the door to new ways of computing and collaboration in Microsoft Excel, Wolfram Research announced today the release of Mathematica Link for Excel 3, the latest version of its widely popular add-on for users in finance, business, engineering, science, education, and related fields.

Mathematica Link for Excel connects Excel users to over a thousand Mathematica functions, making it easy to perform symbolic computations, find complex roots, instantly plot equations, and complete other sophisticated tasks within the spreadsheet environment. The fully bidirectional link also leverages Excel’s capabilities into the Mathematica notebook environment, so users can work in both applications side by side.

Among its many new features, Mathematica Link for Excel introduces Mathematica-based macros, enabling users to easily convert their Mathematica code into Excel macros. The macros can then be run–with just a single click–inside any Excel spreadsheet.

Additionally, collaboration has never been easier. Intelligent read-and-write routines automatically resize to fit existing data, smart commenting technology streamlines the process of sharing workbooks with others, and an extensible system of templates can be used to automate the creation of standard reports.

The key new features in Mathematica Link for Excel enable users to:

  • Create spreadsheet formulas that call Mathematica from within Excel
  • Write code in Mathematica that interacts with and automates Excel
  • Call Mathematica code as if it were an Excel macro
  • Develop customized Excel import and export routines in Mathematica
  • Copy and paste between Mathematica and Excel
  • Display Mathematica graphics and typeset expressions in Excel

“Most people prefer the elegant Mathematica programming language, but require Excel’s interface for certain jobs,” said developer Anton Rowe. “With Mathematica Link for Excel, you don’t have to choose. You can use both applications together as a single, unparalleled framework for analyzing your most demanding data.”

Mathematica Link for Excel requires Mathematica 5.0 or higher and Excel 2002/XP or higher, and is avaliable for Windows.

More information is available on the product website.