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New Functionality Expands MathCode Environments for Prototyping C++ and Fortran 90 Applications in Mathematica

Published January 31, 2006

January 31, 2006–New versions of the powerful MathCode C++ and MathCode F90 add-ons for Mathematica are now available for download from Wolfram Research. These third-party Mathematica application packages provide highly efficient platforms for generating production-quality C++ or Fortran 90 code directly from Mathematica functions.

Among their other enhancements to speed and reliability, MathCode C++ and MathCode F90 now support Fourier and InverseFourier, enabling developers to translate image-processing Mathematica code to C++ or Fortran 90. Complex functions, complex arrays, and a Complex data type are newly supported in MathCode C++.

MathCode C++ makes it easy for programmers to prototype their software components and algorithms in Mathematica and automatically translate them to stand-alone C++ code. Similarly, MathCode F90 is used by the scientific community to develop a wide variety of robust Fortran-90-based applications seamlessly in Mathematica. The easy-to-read code from either package can be immediately compiled or integrated into larger software systems.

Through March 31, 2006, all customers may take advantage of a special 25% discount on the price of each MathCode package.

Developed and supported by MathCore Engineering AB, MathCode C++ and MathCode F90 require Mathematica 4.2 or higher for Windows.

More information is available on the MathCode C++ and MathCode F90 websites.