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New Statistical Inference Package Adds Major Functionality to Mathematica for Complex Statistical Analysis

Published February 8, 2006

February 8, 2006–Statistical Inference Package, a robust new application package for building and analyzing complex statistical models in Mathematica, is now available for download from Wolfram Research. The easy-to-use add-on leverages Mathematica‘s industry-leading capabilities for numerics and symbolics, graphics, and programming to provide a seamless environment for doing classical-likelihood-based statistical inference.

Researchers and professionals in all areas–including clinical studies, information theory, geostatistics, bioinformatics, genetics, and economics–use statistical inference to make reliable scientific predictions from their data. With over 30 statistical distributions and a large collection of functions for defining new models, Statistical Inference Package streamlines the process so users can quickly create sophisticated models and gain valuable insights into the world described by their data.

Key features of Statistical Inference Package include:

  • Maximum likelihood estimation
  • Profile-likelihood-based confidence intervals for real-valued linear or nonlinear smooth parametric functions
  • Likelihood ratio tests for general parametric hypotheses
  • Automatic handling of censored data
  • Random observation from any built-in statistical distribution
  • Built-in models and stochastic processes, such as logistic and Poisson regression, mixed and mixture models, Markov processes, Markov chains, and hidden Markov models

Complete with electronic documentation and detailed examples, Statistical Inference Package is also designed for students and educators to help explore statistical methods in the classroom. Its integration with Mathematica gives users of any level immediate access to a wide range of models, making advanced statistical topics easier to understand.

Through March 31, 2006, all customers can take advantage of a special 25% discount on the price of Statistical Inference Package.

Developed and supported by Dr. Esa Uusipaikka, Statistical Inference Package requires Mathematica 5.0 or higher for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux platforms.

More information is available on the Statistical Inference Package website.