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Wolfram Research Provides Mathematica Free to Everyone in China for 60 Days

Published April 24, 2006

April 24, 2006–Wolfram Research announced today a bold new initiative to provide free copies of its world-renowned Mathematica software across China this summer. Starting April 26, anyone in China can download a free 60-day save-enabled copy of the latest Mathematica version for use on their personal or work computers. Unlike traditional trials, these downloads feature the full capabilities of Mathematica Professional, so users can experience Mathematica exactly as it is used by millions around the world in science and technology.

Already the technical software of choice for many major institutions throughout China, Mathematica has seen ever-increasing interest from individuals wanting to learn more about the product and how to apply it to their fields. This new trial program, together with the Wolfram Research Tour of China, will bring Mathematica to the rapidly growing community of students, professionals, and others who need it for a wide variety of technical applications.

In addition to the software, Wolfram Research is providing support with a free downloadable Mathematica tutorial. The tutorial gets users up to speed in just 10 minutes with a step-by-step introduction to the basics of numerical and symbolic computation, graphics, and programming in Mathematica.

“We want people in China to see for themselves exactly how powerful Mathematica is and learn how to use it along the way,” said Xiang Wang, China business development associate at Wolfram Research. “This is more than just a trial version. It’s an opportunity for everyone in China to incorporate Mathematica into their workflow, tackle their toughest long- and short-term projects, and explore the latest advances in technical computing–all for free.”

More information is available on the Chinese Mathematica product pages.