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Digital Image Processing 2.1 for Mathematica Adds Interactive Image Processing

Published February 27, 2007

February 27, 2007–Wolfram Research announced today that Digital Image Processing, the sophisticated image-processing add-on for Mathematica, now features a powerful GUI component package for dynamic image analysis. With Digital Image Processing 2.1, image regions can be interactively selected with a mouse for fast and efficient processing.

Once a region is chosen, it can be analyzed using over 200 integrated functions. The convenient new functionality is based on Mathematica‘s built-in GUIKit application, which makes it easy for developers to create custom graphical interfaces to Mathematica technology. Here that technology links users to six new image-manipulation functions and three new graphical extensions for existing functionality.

Digital Image Processing is used widely as an ideal framework for creating automated custom analyses and prototyping new image-processing procedures and algorithms. In addition to the enhanced interface tools, Digital Image Processing also features key capabilities for:

  • Color space transformations
  • Connected component analysis
  • Watershed transform
  • Canny and Shen-Castan edge detection
  • Smoothing, noise reduction, and image morphology operations
  • Iterative and non-iterative image restoration
  • Spectral analysis

The new version is available free to all Digital Image Processing 2 users. Digital Image Processing 2.1 requires Mathematica 5.1 or 5.2 on any Mathematica platform except IBM AIX.

Complete product details are provided on the Digital Image Processing website.