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gridMathematica 2.2 and Mathematica Personal Grid Edition Open the Door to New Possibilities in High-Performance Computing

Published August 9, 2007

August 9, 2007–Just three months ago, Wolfram Research introduced a computing revolution with the release of Mathematica 6. Today, that revolution extends to all modern computing clusters and grids with the release of gridMathematica 2.2.

Now available, gridMathematica 2.2 capitalizes on all the new functionality of Mathematica 6 for dynamic interactivity, 2D and 3D visualization, data integration, and more. The new version also includes Mathematica‘s powerful programming primitives for writing and controlling parallel operations with broad platform support, 64-bit optimizations, and seamless integration with many cluster management systems.

In addition to over 1,000 new computational functions and interface enhancements, gridMathematica features:

  • Parallelization at the Mathematica language level
  • Machine-independent portable code development
  • Support for multiprocessor machines, clusters, and grids
  • High-performance MathLink communication protocol optimized for all common configurations
  • Efficient, adaptive load balancing
  • Improved user-programmable scheduling
  • Speculative parallelization for nondeterministic problems

Also updated is Mathematica Personal Grid Edition, the cost-effective solution for multicore personal supercomputing. Now based on Mathematica 6, Mathematica Personal Grid Edition includes all the same features as gridMathematica but is designed for the desktop environment.

More information, as well as webcasts, training, and free online seminars, is available from the gridMathematica and Mathematica Personal Grid Edition websites.