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Mathematica 6 Simplified Chinese Edition Now Available, with New Low Pricing in China

Published September 4, 2007

August 30, 2007–Wolfram Research announced today the release of Mathematica 6 Simplified Chinese Edition, featuring all the revolutionary advances of Mathematica 6 within a Chinese interface for the first time.

Along with this release, the price of Mathematica in China has been reduced by 30%, with special discounts available for students, schools, and government institutions.

“We reinvented Mathematica just four months ago and now we’ve made an edition specially for our large and growing community of dedicated users in China,” said Conrad Wolfram, director of strategic and international development at Wolfram Research. “The new product and pricing mean that educators, students, and professionals in China can now enjoy the full power of Mathematica.”

In addition to a fully translated Chinese interface, key features include:

  • Instant dynamic interactivity
  • High-impact adaptive visualization
  • Automatic integration of hundreds of standard data formats
  • Load-on-demand curated data for math, physics, chemistry, finance, geography, linguistics, and more
  • Symbolic interface construction
  • Automated computational aesthetics, with algorithmic optimization for visual presentation
  • Unification of active graphics and controls with flowing text and input

Mathematica Simplified Chinese Edition also includes one year of Premier Service, a comprehensive program of exclusive services and discounts for Mathematica users. Premier Service provides free personalized technical support and a host of other benefits, including automatic access to software updates, complimentary home-use licensing, and special discounts on software, training, and events.

Mathematica Simplified Chinese Edition is available for Windows Vista/XP/2000.

More product details are available at the Mathematica Simplified Chinese Edition web pages.