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Specialized Add-Ons Extend Mathematica 6’s Reach to Image Processing, Finance, Manufacturing, and Many Other Fields

Published November 14, 2007

November 14, 2007–Mathematica 6, released just six months ago, has already opened the door to revolutionary breakthroughs in technical computing, especially for interactivity, graphics, and data integration. Now, newly updated add-ons for many specific fields are available, extending Mathematica‘s rich functionality to specialized tasks.

In addition to creating its own application packages, Wolfram Research has long teamed with third-party developers to build powerful solutions for a wide variety of fields, including finance, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, medicine, and more. These packages allow people to tap into the full power of Mathematica without having to develop complex task-oriented code of their own.

The following applications are fully compatible with Mathematica 6:

All of the above require Mathematica 6, and most are available for a wide range of platforms.

For a complete list of Wolfram application packages and other Mathematica-based software, see our product pages.

Those interested in developing new application packages for Mathematica are invited to join the Wolfram Product Program.