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BEST Viewpoints and Mathematica Make Data Analysis Simple

Published July 31, 2008

July 31, 2008–With the addition of the newly released BEST Viewpoints, a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly data analysis application package, it is even easier to import, export, and evaluate data with Mathematica.

BEST Viewpoints was created for Mathematica customers who require a data computation application powerful and flexible enough to solve the most challenging analytical issues found in real-life situations. Designed to combine the best data manipulation and examination capabilities found in spreadsheets and database languages, the data-importing interface can upload information or merge datasets from many sources, including databases, Microsoft Excel, and text files.

Key characteristics:

  • GUI-based interface requiring no programming skills
  • Capability to read data from multiple sources: databases, Microsoft Excel, delimited text, and all other formats available in Mathematica
  • Spreadsheet-like data analysis capabilities, including calculating new fields or summaries
  • Analytic capabilities, including bar charts, box plots, line plots, scatter plots, cross tabs, statistical process control (SPC) charts, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals for the mean and standard deviation, market basket analysis, and freestyle user-defined procedures
  • Text mining potential: analyze a sequence of words or any string pattern in textual data by the levels of different categories in the data (cross tabs)

Developed and supported by Pronto Analytics Inc., BEST Viewpoints requires Mathematica 6 or Player Pro and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

For more information, see the BEST Viewpoints product pages.