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Mathematica Player 7: The Free Player Adds a Mathematica 7 Engine

Published December 8, 2008

December 9, 2008–Wolfram Research today announced the release of Mathematica Player 7, a free download that allows anyone anywhere to interact with dynamic documents and applications using new Mathematica technology.

In the recently released Mathematica 7, Wolfram Research integrated over 500 new functions and 12 major application areas including image processing, parallel high-performance computing (HPC), new on-demand curated data, and other computational innovations. Mathematica Player 7 extends those advances to interactive publishing by letting users deploy dynamic Mathematica documents that run freely* on any compatible computer.

Mathematica Player has become the platform of choice for interactive technical publishing, including being the engine for over 4000 Demonstrations, ” says Conrad Wolfram, Director of Strategic and International Development at Wolfram Research. “Player 7 adds access to new capabilities of Mathematica 7, including applications that tap into weather and human genome data at runtime or utilize our new industrial-strength image processing functions.”

Authoring with Mathematica and the Publish for Player web service couldn’t be simpler: educators, researchers, and others upload their Mathematica notebooks or applications to the Publish for Player website and instantly get back Player-compatible files. That means that people can now share dynamic content across classrooms and workgroups and publish their work without any software barriers. Mere documents become robust applications–virtually freestanding and cross-platform–in seconds.

Interactive publishing with Mathematica means that homework, quizzes, presentations, books, and research no longer have to be static documents. Publish for Player makes it easy to include point-and-click results, animated 3D models, real-time data from the web, and more–all powered by the built-in Mathematica engine.

The free Mathematica Player 7 software and more information about the Publish for Player process are available online.

Over 4000 freely downloadable Player applications, including interactive content created with Mathematica 7, are available through the highly popular Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

*Licensing restrictions apply for free use.