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Wolfram Research Defines Frontiers of High-Performance Computing with Mathematica 7

Published November 18, 2008

Groundbreaking HPC Solutions Unveiled at Supercomputing 2008 Conference

November 18, 2008–At the Supercomputing 2008 conference (SC08) today, Wolfram Research introduced instant integrated parallelism as part of Mathematica 7, a major release that enhances the company’s full line of innovative HPC solutions which also includes gridMathematica, Wolfram Lightweight Grid System, and HPC Cloud Service for Mathematica.

For the first time, every copy of Mathematica 7 comes standard with the technology to parallelize computations over multiple cores or over networks of Mathematica deployed across a grid. Integrating parallel computing with Mathematica means that millions of users worldwide can now start to use and build parallel solutions for their technical computing problems.

“Parallel computing used to be for experts only,” said Tom Wickham-Jones, Director of Kernel Technology at Wolfram Research. “With Mathematica 7 we’ve made it mainstream–integrating and automating parallel computations has only been possible because of Mathematica‘s unique symbolic architecture.”

The immediate interactive parallel computing technology of Mathematica 7 is platform independent and needs zero configuration–making it an all-encompassing tool that accelerates Wolfram’s tradition of offering HPC solutions.

Wolfram Research’s gridMathematica delivers parallelism across clusters and grids and works with standard cluster and grid management systems including Microsoft, Sun, Platform, and PBS cluster management systems. If users do not have a managed cluster they can easily make one with the Wolfram Lightweight Grid System, a convenient way to deploy Mathematica across a heterogeneous network of different types of computers and to maximize usage of computers across the enterprise.

HPC Cloud Service for Mathematica offers the ultimate level of computational power and convenience. With this service, users have seamless access to premium HPC cloud computing resources directly within Mathematica.

Mathematica‘s unique and powerful functionality can now be experienced by every level of user,” added Wickham-Jones. “We are ready for the future of computing with our ground-breaking approach to HPC.”

More details on Mathematica 7 are available on the Mathematica website.