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Middle East Mathematica Conference 2009 Announced

Published November 3, 2009

3 November 2009—Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, today announced details of the Middle East Mathematica Conference 2009, to be held 13–14 November in Beirut, Lebanon.

The conference provides a unique opportunity for professionals in the Middle East from all areas of expertise to experience how the technology behind Mathematica increases efficiency and drives growth in a number of industries, including finance, engineering, research, and education. The conference includes a Mathematica training session on 13 November, which is fully booked.

As the information economy continues to boom, the cutting-edge computational technology of Mathematica has risen to the forefront of a new “computation revolution”. Mathematica is the technology behind the world’s first computational knowledge engine, Wolfram|Alpha, which was launched in May. Conference attendees will learn firsthand how these advances are changing the technological landscape, and will discover how Mathematica technology can help their businesses grow.

Christophe Déplacé, business development manager at Wolfram Research, will be conducting the conference at the American Lebanese University (LAU), with talks by:

  • Abdallah Sfeir, Vice President of Academic Affairs, LAU
  • Samer Habre, Professor of Mathematics, LAU
  • Abdul-Nasser El-Kassar, Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods, LAU
  • Dr. Wolfgang Windsteiger, Mathematica programmer and developer of the Theorema system
  • Dr. Nabil Fares, Professor of Engineering, the University of Balamand

Further details are available at the conference website.