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New Consulting Service from Wolfram Research Helps Customers Get Greater Value from Assets

Published February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009–Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica, today announced broad availability of its consulting service Wolfram Solutions, which provides cradle-to-grave solutions for business problems and technical computing needs. With technical skill, vertical industry prowess, deep management experience, and unwavering focus on customer priorities and goals, Wolfram Solutions delivers the power of technical computing to help improve efficiency, quality, and results and to spearhead innovation.

Wolfram Solutions consultants are experienced in modeling, simulation, data analysis, image processing, high-performance computing, parallel computing, delivering technical computing over the web, and other technical computing fields. Its experts offer performance tuning and enhancements for existing software, and do research, development, and deployment for new software.

“Technical computing is expanding its impact on numerous traditional and cutting-edge fields including risk management, green technologies, predictive medicine, biogenomics, and the commercialization of space,” said Nancy Harvey, CEO of Wolfram Solutions. “Our consulting group stands ready to help in them all.”

“In this economic environment, everyone wants to get substantially greater performance out of the assets they already have,” said Samer Diab, COO of Wolfram Solutions. “Our performance-tuning practice can deliver productivity improvements that make staff more efficient, increase computing capacity without buying more hardware, and enable you to raise the complexity and sophistication of analyses, simulations, visualizations, and other computations to design ever more productive operations.”

For one customer, Dolphin Measurement Systems, Wolfram Solutions migrated existing systems code that took 1 second to run into Mathematica code with a run time of 0.01 seconds, and from there automatically generated and compiled embedded C code that runs 150 times/second.

“We were astonished with the performance improvement that Wolfram Solutions delivered. At first, we weren’t sure whether to invest in the performance tuning. If the analysis could not get from 1 second to less than 15 milliseconds, it really wasn’t worth taking on the project,” said Ellis Waldman, President of Dolphin Measurement Systems. “Wolfram Solutions blew our targets out of the water. And in addition, they helped us improve the accuracy of solution generated by our measurement mathematics.”

Wolfram Solutions offers consultants on an ad-hoc, by-the-hour basis for a burst of expertise or energy, for a few days at a time to take on specific deliverables under customer direction, or to manage and conduct an entire multi-month project.

“Our service offerings are designed to be convenient for our customers’ schedules and budgets, so we are available how and when they need us,” said Joe Bolte, Consulting Director of Wolfram Solutions. “Over the last year, we have been providing services to a small group of customers to learn how customers prefer to access our services, demonstrate the value of our capabilities, and build the infrastructure to support a broad customer base. Having done so, we are ready to make our services available to the full business community.”

To schedule a conversation to talk directly with a Wolfram Solutions consultant, contact the service through email.