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Wolfram Research Awards Mathematica to Students at National Competition

Published February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009–Continuing its long-standing commitment to education-related programs, Wolfram Research recently awarded Mathematica for Students 7 to all participants at the twelfth annual Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT).

This year’s tournament brought together over 120 teams representing more than 900 students from across the United States to solve advanced problems in algebra, geometry, calculus, and combinatorics. Many students participating in the competition, including several of the event’s top winners, use Mathematica in their studies and in preparation for HMMT.

“We are excited to support student competitions, such as HMMT, that promote mathematics and education,” said Cliff Hastings, Director of Academic Initiatives at Wolfram Research. “We know Mathematica can help these students push the limits as they move forward in their education, and we want to put that power into their hands.”

While Mathematica is already a popular tool for high school and college students around the world, these awards will give the students an advantage in their future studies. By providing Mathematica for Students for free, Wolfram Research hopes to make it easier for the students to advance their projects and explorations outside of class.