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Wolfram Research Launches STEM Education Initiative

Published March 29, 2010

Helping to Develop Innovators in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Wolfram Research today launched a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education initiative aimed at providing students and teachers with the necessary resources to develop the world’s top innovators of the future.

Within the next five years, fifteen of the twenty fastest-growing occupations will require significant knowledge in the fields of mathematics, engineering, or science, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s November 2009 Monthly Labor Review.

“The key to remaining competitive globally depends on our ability to properly educate young people in the fields of math, science, and engineering,” said Cliff Hastings, Director of Academic Initiatives for Wolfram Research. “Through the STEM initiative, we’ve created a solution to help in this endeavor.”

To help educators and their schools prepare, Wolfram Research is offering grants to allow schools to license Wolfram Mathematica for use in classrooms and in students’ homes, teacher workshops that will train educators on using Mathematica in class, and educator discounts through the 30 Minutes to Mathematica program.

Wolfram Research is also assisting teachers through the Wolfram Faculty Program. This lets educators download and share their Mathematica-based teaching materials and learning resources, as well as network with other educators through a special online forum and access other program benefits.

Katherine Bautista, Academic Program Manager at Wolfram Research, said, “It’s imperative that educators receive all the help they can get to develop lesson plans that are engaging, effective, and standards-based. Our products and resources can help create a dynamic classroom that encourages students to explore class material, rather than simply digest information.”

Because Mathematica is used at each of the world’s top 200 universities and many top-ranked American high schools, as well as Fortune 500 companies and government research labs, training students in its use now will provide valuable experience they can use throughout their lives.

Wolfram Research also offers new STEM education programs, such as internships and job shadowing, to aid in better preparing students for the challenges that lie ahead. Students can also participate in the Mathematica Student Certification Program, which gives their resumés the competitive edge they need to find employment after graduation.

Innovation in learning leads to the fostering of new products and processes that sustain a nation’s industrial base. This innovation begins with a solid base in STEM education.

Learn more about what Wolfram Research’s STEM initiative has to offer educators, schools, and students.