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Wolfram|Alpha Announces Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks, Adds Stunning Context and Eye-Popping Visuals to Digital Publications of All Kinds

Published April 2, 2010

New product launches with iPad adaptation of Theodore Gray’s best-selling book The Elements

Wolfram Alpha LLC today announced Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks, a new offering that seamlessly integrates the company’s computational knowledge engine into digital publications of all kinds.

The Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks technology is now featured exclusively in Theodore Gray’sThe Elements: A Visual Exploration—an adaptation of Gray’s bestseller into a vivid and interactive ebook made possible by the advanced features of Apple’s iPad. The Wolfram|Alpha technology will be made generally available to publishers later this quarter.

“Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks aligns with our utmost goal of providing easy, intuitive access to all the world’s knowledge,” said Wolfram|Alpha‘s Barak Berkowitz, the company’s newly appointed Managing Director. “Our integration adds significant value for publishers and readers alike—we make the factual content of ebooks literally come alive, providing completely new opportunities for interaction and learning.”

Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks is carefully tailored to the unique needs and features of ebooks. The ability to access Wolfram|Alpha’s computational knowledge engine through an ebook allows for quick and easy reference of interactive facts, numerics, and informational data.The Elements integrates with Wolfram|Alpha on every page, providing increased depth of knowledge and special visualizations of relevant information within iPad’s beautifully rendered display.

Wolfram|Alpha’s growing repository of curated data provides ebooks like The Elements with information that is available quickly and seamlessly, on demand, and anywhere.

“After finishing The Elements last year, I had a vision of what an ebook version of this work could be. It was a beautiful and shining thing that clearly wasn’t yet possible,” said Gray. “But then iPad arrived. The product we have created together with Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks is very close to what I saw in my mind’s eye in late 2009. Apple’s products often seem like they’ve arrived from a few years in the future, and what we have achieved with this ebook has the same flavor. This isn’t what ebooks are today, it’s what they will be five years from now.”

Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks offers access to all of Wolfram|Alpha’s domains of knowledge, covering math, science, engineering, health and nutrition, geography, economics, linguistics, people and history, sports, music, and much more. These domains, incorporated into ebook applications, can serve as on-the-go resources for discovering new, relevant information as readers progress through a volume.

The Elements with Wolfram|Alpha integration is available for purchase at $13.99 from the App Store on iPad and from the iTunes iPad App Store.

Wolfram|Alpha for ebooks will be available for all publishers in the second quarter of 2010. Those interested in learning more can sign up to be informed of details as soon as they are made available.

Josh Jones-Dilworth
Jones-Dilworth, Inc. for Wolfram|Alpha