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Wolfram|Alpha Extends Commitment to Wide Availability and Accessibility of Mobile Products

Published April 1, 2010

Launches Free, Mobile-Optimized Website and Reduces iPhone App Price to $1.99

Wolfram Alpha LLC, creator of the Wolfram|Alpha computational knowledge engine, today extended its commitment to the wide availability and accessibility of its service with several key announcements.

“Our number-one priority as of today is to get Wolfram|Alpha in the hands of everyone,” said Barak Berkowitz, the newly appointed Managing Director of Wolfram|Alpha. “We aim to democratize knowledge by giving people everywhere access to the amazing computational power and factual archive that is Wolfram|Alpha. In the coming weeks and months we will make a number of announcements, each with the same goal in mind—putting Wolfram|Alpha everywhere.”

With wide availability and accessibility in mind, the company today announced the launch ofhttp://m.wolframalpha.com, a free, mobile-optimized website built from the ground up for ease of use on smartphones and for high performance over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Further, Wolfram|Alpha today reduced the price for the Wolfram|Alpha App for the iPhone and iPod touch from $49.99 to $1.99. The company also announced that anyone who previously purchased the Wolfram|Alpha App for the iPhone and iPod touch, whether at the full price of $49.99 or the sale price of $19.99, and is no longer satisfied with the price they paid can request a refund.

Together, the free, mobile-optimized website and the lower price point for the iPhone app open Wolfram|Alpha to millions of new users across the globe. The company carefully listened to and incorporated feedback, concluding that convenient access to Wolfram|Alpha from any smartphone was critical to widespread adoption. These changes are effective immediately.

“We want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who purchased the iPhone app and who has helped evangelize Wolfram|Alpha along the way,” said Schoeller Porter, Wolfram|Alpha’s Architect, Developer Relations. “The new mobile-optimized website, the new iPhone and iPod touch app price, and the refund offer are just the beginnings of a wider strategic move toward ubiquity. We hope that by increasing the availability and accessibility of our products and services, we can both support and extend the passionate community of people who make Wolfram|Alpha a part of their everyday lives.”

Josh Jones-Dilworth
Jones-Dilworth, Inc. for Wolfram|Alpha